Menopause Treatments

Finding the Most Effective Menopause Treatments

Menopause Treatments Menopause TreatmentsHow does your menopause treatment stack up among all of the products and methods available on the market?  We’ve done the research and found the top three menopause treatment products for effectiveness, quality, and value among hundreds of products and product-types available.  All you have to do is read, relax, and shop with confidence.

A Word About menopause . . .

Hormones shift with the aging process, as women leave their childbearing years.  This process, called menopause, brings an end to a woman’s menstrual cycle and is often accompanied by night sweats, depression, anxiety, and hot flashes.  Although menopause does happen for some women in their 30s, most commonly it occurs between 45 and 55 years of age.

Menopause can be a long process, as levels of hormone production change drastically, so treatment for relief of the unpleasant symptoms is often desirable or necessary.


One logical way to approach hormone loss is, of course, hormone replacement therapy.  Premarin is a popular treatment prescribed by many doctors.  Estrogen, which is greatly diminished in menopausal women, is replaced by treatment with Premarin.  As it is hormone loss that causes many of the discomforts of this natural change, Premarin is effective in relieving many of the symptoms of menopause.

Some doctors believe that an estrogen-only treatment many carry some risks and adverse side effects.  They often suggest that progesterone should also be supplemented as well for a healthier balance.  Premarin should only be used under the supervision of your doctor, and unusual or uncomfortable side effects should be reported at once.


Combipatch, as the name implies, is a patch that will replenish both estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s system.  Treatment with these synthesized hormones helps to make the transition through this change more natural and comfortable for women experiencing menopause, and the symptoms are often greatly diminished.

Loss of estrogen and progesterone are also linked to osteoporosis and uterine cancer, which is another reason to consider the hormone replacement treatment offered by Combipatch.

Combipatch can interact with other medications and cause potentially risky side effects, so it is very important to consult your doctor throughout treatment.

Black Cohosh

Hormone replacement treatment may not be the best remedy for everybody.  If you have concerns or cannot tolerate synthetic hormone treatment, or if you just want a simple herbal remedy for hot flashes, you may want to consider black cohosh to relieve your symptoms from menopause.    This herbal treatment is popular for controlling hot flashes, and anecdotal evidence suggests that it is safe to use for up to six months.

However, black cohosh is not regulated or approved for menopause treatment by the FDA, so you should do your own research to determine your comfort level with this treatment.  Even though it is not a drug and does not require a prescription, black cohosh can interact with prescription drugs and other herbal remedies.  You should discuss this menopause regimen with your doctor before beginning treatment with black cohosh.

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