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Hemorrhoid Treatments2 e1295464491478 Hemorrhoid TreatmentsFinding the Most Effective Hemorrhoid Treatments

How does your hemorrhoid treatment stack up among all of the products and methods available on the market?  We’ve done the research and found the top three hemorrhoid treatment products for effectiveness, quality, and value among hundreds of products and product-types available.  All you have to do is read, relax, and shop with confidence.

A Word About Hemorrhoids. . .

Hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins in the lower area of the rectum or anus, and they can be very painful.  They are caused by increased pressure in the veins causing them to expand and bulge.   The venal pressure is often induced by from straining during bowel movements, constipation, extended sitting, pregnancy and childbirth, and anal infections.

Symptoms can be both internal and external and are general quite easy for a doctor to diagnose.  They result in anal itching and pain, bright red blood in the bowl or on the toilet tissue, painful bowel movements, and hard but sensitive lumps at the opening of the anus.  Treatment methods include soothing the tender tissues to relieve pain as well as shrinking or removal of the hemorrhoidal tissue.  Rectal bleeding can have other serious causes as well, so seek the advice of your physician.

HemClear and HemCreamhemclear Hemorrhoid Treatments

HemClear  and HemCream are both very effective and highly acclaimed products that do more than treat the pain and symptoms of hemorrhoids.  HemClear is a pill containing natural prescription-strength ingredients that effectively shrink and eliminate both internal and external hemorrhoids, including bleeding hemorrhoids.  Many users report that treatment with HemClear provides relief in five to seven days, although if severe, it may take longer. HemCream is also effecive, particularly on external or prolapsed hemorrhoids.  Both products have no side effects.


Venapro is an all-natural homeopathic hemorrhoid treatment.  It comes in a spray that claims to relieve the itching, pain, bleeding, and swelling of hemorrhoids.

Venapro is an alternative medicine and can cause adverse interactions with other medications.  It contains both witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut, which are known to have therapeutic properties.  Horse Chestnut is associated with the side effects of stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, and dizziness.  You should check with your doctor before using Venapro.

Zenmed Ziro

Zenmed Ziro is a topical hemorrhoid cream treatment made from certified organic ingredients.  Users report that the pain associated with hemorrhoids is soothed and temporarily relieved.  However, this treatment does not address the swelling or bleeding symptoms.

Its natural organic formula is safe and harmless for most people, but you should consult your doctor before using it.

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