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Medical care and the price of it, in our country is a hot topic these days.  The merits of the Health Care Bill passed last year are still being debated.  Medical care itself is in transition.  As more progress is realized from medical research, new categories of health care practitioners are  springing up.  These good people are experts in their own fields, but lack extensive education in any other discipline.  Gone are the days of the family physician who guided our families through all our medical needs.  They knew us “from cradle to grave”, supported us through all our difficulties, even those not of a medical origin and was truly a family friend.  Family physicians still do exist but their numbers are dwindling and as you can imagine those who are left are extremely overworked.

Health Care in Transition

The lack of a family doctor is like a football team not having a quarterback, or a basket ball team not having their point guard.  The family doctor was the clearing house for our medical care.  He treated us and when necessary he sent us to a specialist, obtained his opinion and then presented us with an effective course of treatment.  Our complete medical history was in the capable hands of our family doctor.  But times are a changing, and the cost of medical care has escalated to a point that it is almost unattainable for those without medical insurance. It has become the brass ring, the first request those seeking employment have on their wish list of perks. And even if offered it may not cover the entire family.

The Self-Care Concept

Self care is touted as a new concept but actually it has been used for years, we just never put a label on it before.  Your mom cleaned that skinned knee of yours, applied a medicated cream and covered it with a band-aid.  Your mom practiced self care.  There are many other problems that can be treated in just this same way.  Poison ivy, sunburn, yeast infections and colds, these are just a few of the things you will be able to handle on our own.  We are not trying to replace your doctor.  Rather we are trying to make you more medically savvy and enable you to be your own medical quarterback.  You will always need a relationship with a physician for more difficult problems.  But being able to handle the simpler problems yourself you will save money and become a more educated medical consumer.

Education – the Key

The key to your new position of medical quarterback or point guard is you wish, is education.  You will be pleased to know that this, our site, is the best and the only one you will need to consult from now on.  Our mission is to educate you to know why you are ill.  You will learn how your body functions and present signs and symptoms so you will recognize your problem and make your own diagnosis.  We will present effective medications for you to design your own treatment and follow up with you through complete recovery.  But we don’t just leave you there.  If by some chance recovery is not realized within a specific time frame or other problems pop up we will advise you when to seek the care of a medical professional.

Our Promise to You

We hope you are not feeling too overwhelmed.  We would like you to examine our web site.  We intend to keep it up to date with the latest information as it is released.  You will find it user friendly.  Although the authors of our data are the best in the world of medical and pharmaceutical research, we have written it in an easily understood manner.  Please book mark our page so as to keep it close at hand.

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