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banner Review the Best Health ChoicesHave You Come To a Medical Cross Road?

There are a lot of reasons why the American public is reevaluating their association with the medical community.  The shortage of the truly family physician, the high cost of medical insurance or the complete in availability of such insurance to name just a few.  Families are trying to cut down on expenses and there are some that realize that repetitive problems can be taken care of at home.  Many over worked family physicians are glad to advise families on self-care, especially for a condition that a diagnosis has been made and successful treatment has been given.  It is much more advisable for a patient, with the same problem, to medicate themselves with the appropriate over the counter medication than to have to visit the physician’s office.

Who Else is Joining this Band Wagon

Everything that is old is new again!  Years ago people didn’t run to the doctor as they do today.  Your Mom tried your Granny’s “tried and true” remedy, which many times often did the job. But drug companies have become big business and with their mind numbing advertisements we have come to distrust our own judgment.  Many of the best over the counter medications, formerly only available by prescription have been released by the Federal Food and Drug Administration for over the counter sales.  Many other drugs, off their seven year patent, are being detailed as over the counter rather than going the generic route.  So it is time for us to become a more educated public.  Now don’t freak out!  We are not going to instruct you in brain surgery.  But we are going to assist you in recognizing common conditions and what medications should be the most effective.  There is so much we encounter many times during a lifetime. Yeast infections, skin allergies, heartburn and sunburn to just mention a few.

What We Have To Offer

We want to be that “go to” site for you.  The one that you know will always have the newest and most complete information, the one that never fails.  But I am sure you have realized that there are other avenues out there to explore.  And perhaps we are being a “proud parent” as we have put so much into our site.  But we feel that for reasons we will detail, we have every reason to boast that we have the best to offer.

Books and other printed materials are everywhere.  But to just spend a short time in the medical community will convince you that what is new today is out tomorrow.  So by publication time that book may be passé.

Drug companies are out to make money, just watch one of their ads on television or the web.  They may convince you that their medication is good and useful but they don’t give you the parameters of why or when to use it.

Doctors are bombarded daily with all kinds of stuff from drug companies.  There is an endless amount of paper that is presented to them.  So it is not unusual to realize that their knowledge of over the counter medication is limited.

Pharmacist, educated in all things medical, lack what is needed to advise you as to when to take over the counter medications.  They know their chemicals but lack the education to diagnosis.

We want to be Your Guardian Angel

We want to be your guardian angel and guide.  And we are going to do it in four steps.

The Basics – here you will find an overall guide.  Symptoms will be presented and explained.  Medications will be offered and the disease pattern will be outlined.  You will learn anatomy and physiology of the body.  If you know how your body works, if you learn the normal, then it is easy to recognize the abnormal.

Prevention - is the cornerstone to good health.  Think of the many days of illness, work and school loss we may avoid if we keep ourselves healthy. But prevention goes hand in hand with education.  We intend to educate you.

Medications-the use of different medications, their effectiveness and their side effects will be completely outlined.  Not all over the counter medications are created equal.  The Federal Food and Drug Administration have created categories.  Category 1 is considered the most effective and safe for consumer use, so that is the only type we will advise.  We also feel that the category of natural products has been given a bum rap.  These are the things that Granny put together only now they often come in pill form.  As we want to give you a fair and unbiased picture, these also will be presented.

When to Seek Help – this is an invaluable tool we have put into effect.  When treated quickly and completely these pesky everyday things recover quite nicely.  But remember there are a lot of different microbes out there.  And they sometimes like to hang together.  So when a simple yeast infection which should recover in a few days doesn’t, it may be that a happy little bacteria decided to set up housekeeping in the same place.  And what is good for one bug is not for another.  When to seek professional care it that little guardian angel we spoke about earlier.  We intend to be your complete source for care.

Ready, Set, Go!

Hopefully I have you excited, excited enough to take a tour through our site.  The more you explore the more information you will find awaiting you.  Note the list of categories and topics we cover. Clicking on one of them will unfold all the information needed to make an intelligent and informed decision.  Remember to bookmark our spot, for in the coming months you will find new and interesting information being added every day.




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